LAST UPDATE  November 19, 2020

Special thanks to LEN MEDEIROS (OCT) for setting up my web site after I got a screen freeze and was bounced off a previous server 

Take a look at the "sets" (marked below) that I am willing to trade and LMK if anything there attracts you for any swapping of cards. Again, don't expect a fast reply as I may be driving my grand-kids to some type of practice. Wait until you have grand-kids! LOL! 

 I am a Mets fan in the NL and a bigger Red Sox fan in the AL. Any Red Sox cards are always appreciated. I have enough Mets cards so hold them for someone else.

I am willing to trade any cards except the Topps 1960's and some indicated next to their list below. I am NOT a buyer of cards so please don't even ask. I am also not trading value for value I just trade what someone requests and expect anything in return. A fair trade is a fair trade, my card for your card. I accept ANY condition card whether I sent a mint and get a fair-poor in return still pleases me.

                                                                                          WANT List - Don Roth  (Ole nohit) 

My card collecting has slowed down over the past years. If you see anything that may interest you ask and you may receive. I can't guarantee card condition.

My card condition requirements are listed with each set. Generally, I will accept ANY CONDITION cards!!
Don't throw them away, throw them MY WAY!

FLASH! I am looking for any baseball card, minor league or major league, of RHP DANNY BARNES of the Toronto Blue Jays now with the Baltimore Orioles AAA system.. He is a local product and has finally gotten the "call up" and has pitched in numerous games in relief. Thanks.
I am also a personal friend of Dave Lemanczyk, a former Detroit Tiger, Toronto Blue Jay and Angel. I collect his cards for him to sign to give to the local kids who take pitching lessons from him at his local Baseball Academy. Send me a few when you have some and I may even be able to get him to sign one for you, return addressed envelope helps. Dave's years were from 1975-1981.

I do NOT buy cards, please do not ask!
NOTE: I am looking for a 1965 NEW YORK METS Yearbook in good condition. I am willing to buy it if there is one for sale in GOOD condition.

I have color portraits of most HOF members. If you are looking for any player(s) ask as I may be able to help you out. All I ask is postage.

I still have this COMPLETE set from my childhood collecting years. Thanks to Mom for not tossing them out. Mom was a big baseball fan as well so I can understand her keeping them for safe keeping!

1951 Bowman Set-Complete again thanks to Mom.

I had a card shop owner offer me $25,000 for both sets back in 1989. I decline to sell, but am now willing to sell for anything between $90,000-$100,000 for both sets. LOL!  Let's negotiate. FOFLOL !


80A, 80B


1960 TOPPS   ANY CONDITION is appreciated. (Update July 1, 2020)

148, 326, 343, 350, 480, 498, 499;

557, 563, 566, 570, 571, 573 and if there are any after that number.


1961 Topps   Posted July 27, 2003   ANY CONDITION is appreciated!  (Updated June 29, 2020)

44,  139,150, 180, 207, 211, 279, 290;

300, 307, 338, 354, 355, 356,  371, 388,

401, 402, 405, 406, 415, 417, 425, 426, 472, 475, 480, 482, 484, 

526, 527, 528, 531, 532, 533, 536, 537, 6538, 540, 6541-549, 550, 501, 554, 555, 556.

1962 Topps   Posted July 27, 2003  ANY CONDITION is appreciated!  (The Wood Background Card!)  (Updated June 29, 2020)

1, 5, 18, 50,  199, 200, 217, 238, 257, 283, 

300, 313, 318, 320, 360, 287, 401, 425, 471,

523, 530, 540, 542, 544, 545, 552, 565, 566, 570, 575, 579, 583, 591

1963 Topps  Posted July 27, 2003 (Updated June 2, 2020)

ANY CONDITION is appreciated!

2, 3,

120, 138, 173,

200, 210, 228, 242, 250, 252, 278, 

300,320, 323, 340, 341, 345, 360, 390,394,

 440,446, 454, 

455, 462,466,470,472, 479,

484,  486, 494, 496, 497, 499,

500,502,503,507, 513,520,522,530,533,537,

540,544, 550,553,555,558, 574


1964 Topps  Posted July 27, 2003   ANY CONDITION is appreciated!  (Updated July 1, 2020)


125, 136,

200, 225, 260, 293,


400, 423,433,440, 448, 460, 468, 473, 477, 491


 538 ,543, 544,  551, 556, 563, 564, 566,570, 579,580,581, 583

1965 Topps  Posted July 27, 2003   ANY CONDITION is appreciated! (Updated July 2, 2020)

5, 16, 130, 150, 155, 160, 250,  

300, 350, 378, 385, 398, 410, 537, 460, 477, 515, 519, 526,

527, 528, 529, 581, 599 and any that follow that number if the set goes any further.

1966 Topps  Posted July 27, 2003   ANY CONDITION is appreciated! Updated July 23, 2020.

215, 243, 302, 443, 468, 469, 470, 486, 488, 490, 498,

500, 517, 523, 525, 526, 527, 528, 530, 532, 536, 537, 540,

541,543-554, 556-571,573,576,578,

580,581,583,584,586,588,590, 591, 592, 593, 595, 596, 597,598 

1967 Topps  Posted April 21, 2003  ANY CONDITION is appreciated! (Last update November 5, 2020)




510,522,535,536,540-549,552-555,557, 558, 560, 561, 563, 564,565, 567,578,580, 581, 583-588,590-595, 597, 598, 600-602,604,605, 607,609.


1968 Topps  Posted April 21, 2003  ANY CONDITION is appreciated. (Last update November 5, 2020)

Only 5 To Go!

177 (Mets Rookies-Koosman-Ryan),

247 (Reds Rookies-Bench),

370 (Aaron AS), 480 (Managers Dream), 490 (Super Stars).


1969 Topps  ANY CONDITION is appreciated  Only 3 To Go! (Last update November 5, 2020)

260 (Reggie Jackson), 533 (Nolan Ryan)


1970 Topps through 1979 Topps – All Complete! 1980 Topps through 1989 Topps –All Complete! 1990 Topps through 1999 Topps –All Complete! 2000 Topps through 2011 Topps –All Complete!          Anyone interested in buying any of these complete sets? Let's negotiate.

I have an Upper Deck 1993 Derek Jeter #449 Top Prospect card willing to move along if interested. Make me an offer.                                                

I have a Classic Games 1994 card of Michael Jordan in his Birmingham Barons uniform willing to move along if interested. Make me an offer.        

I stopped collecting sets after the 2011 set. No interest so don't make any offers.

                                                                      I AM WILLING TO TRADE ANY CARDS FROM ANY OF THE SETS LISTED BELOW.

1991-1995 Conlon Sets (Willing to trade any Conlon Cards.)

Posted August 27, 2001

1991.Conlon (#1-330)Complete!

1992.Conlon (#331-660)Complete!

1993.Conlon (#661-990) – Complete!

 1994.Conlon (#991-1319)

Completed January 8, 2013 by JACK DOWNS of Trading Bases! 

NOTE: I am willing to trade any of the cards in the below listed sets if anyone makes a request. PLEASE DO NOT send me any cards from these sets as I am trying to send what I have to those who are looking for any of these cards. I stopped collecting these sets. Thanks.

2000 FLEER GREATS OF THE GAME (Willing to Trade)

Posted January 9, 2005

I HAVE a Preacher Roe autographed card.

Completed by Bobby Leonard (TB) 3/6/09!

WANT: Retrospect on Collection (5) .

WANT: All Yankee Clippings (1-15).



Class of '36: HAVE Only C3 (Mathewson), C4 (Walter Johnson), C5 (Honus Wagner) I HAVE the ORLANDO CEPEDA Bat card.


2002  UD ALL-TIME CLASSIC Team (Willing to Trade) Posted September 1, 2003

2002 (Sweet Spot Classics) Posted September 1, 2003! (Willing to trade)

2003  UPPER DECK Sweet Spot Classics (Willing to Trade) Posted August 23, 2003

I HAVE L-JR Jackie Robinson inserted patch card.


2003 UPPER DECK SP LEGENDARY CUTS (Willing to Trade) Posted September 10, 2005 

2004 Fleer Greats of The Game (Willing to Trade) Posted February 15, 200

I HAVE the Duke Snider GBA-DS signed card.


2004  Fleer  Greats of the Game FOREVER (Willing to Trade) Posted February 15, 2000

2004 UPPER DECK Sweet Spot Classic (Willing to Trade) Posted July 1, 2004 (Updated June 6, 2020)

I HAVE the Frisch SSP-FF logo card.

I HAVE the Hubbell SSP-CH logo patch card.

I HAVE the Roberts SSP-RR NL logo patch card.

I Have the Don Newcombe Famous Firsts card.

2005 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts (Willing to Trade) Posted September 9, 2005 

2005 Upper Deck CLASSICS (Willing to Trade) Posted October 19, 2005 

2005 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic (Willing to Trade) Posted February 22, 2006 

2006  UPPER DECK Past Time Pennants (Willing to Trade) Posted August 8, 2006 

2006 UPPER DECK SWEET SPOT (Willing to Trade) Posted August 22, 2006 

1988 FLEER  Complete set

1988 SCORE Complete set

2008 TOPPS  First Couple of the USA cards showing a President and his wife. WANT LIST FOR THIS SET !

I need ONE card FC-42

WANT LIST: Would LOVE to complete this set for my grand kids who are now entering 6th, 8th and 9th grades. Can you believe another grand daughter is a senior this year and is looking at all of the IV schools except Brown plus she is looking at Northeastern, Georgetown, Villanova, Wake Forest, and Duke. Her grade average is 102.4. She has a very good chance at being the valedictorian!  


October 4, 1955 at 3:44 PM Pee Wee to Hodges on Elston Howard's ground ball to WIN IT ALL!   WHO'S A BUM!



As a graduate of Wake Forest University, I am starting to collect, from any brand, cards of the Wake Forest GOLFERS who played professionally. I would like MINT. I am attempting to meet each one of these golfers, at various PGA events, and have them sign their cards. Thanks for any help! ANY BRAND!

Players I met and those who signed for me.


Arnold Palmer (I introduced him to the WF student body after he won 1962 Masters. He signed the program and we talked for over an hour)

Webb Simpson (Met a few times and he is very polite and engages with all the fans especially on the Practice round dates) I didn't have his card to sign.

Curtis Strange (signed his card)

Leonard Thompson (signed his card)

Jay Haas (signed his card)

Lanny Wadkins (signed his card)

Scott Hoch (signed hat)

Gary Hallberg (signed hat)

Joe Inman (signed hat)


 Janet Kupcho

Laura Philo-Diaz...Nuria Clau...Maria Beautell...Marta Prieto...Alexandra Armas...Laura Crawford...Maggie Simons.



HAVE, HAVE, HAVE and do NOT need!

Arnold Palmer...Jerry Haas (Current Wake Forest Golf Coach)..Bill Andrade (met but didn't have card at that time!)..Scott Hoch..Gary Hallberg...Len Matiece...Robert Wrenn...Jim Simons (deceased).



Cheyenne Woods




Bob Byman...Bill Haas (Bill and I exchanged High Fives on two occasions--son of Jay Haas whom I met and had conversation)...Jack Lewis (met at a WF Dinner-had a nice conversation but no card for him to sign)..Chris Kite...Joe Inman (met and we discussed chipping but had no card for him to sign-he signed my hat)..Tony Mollica...Eoghan O'Connell..Jay Sigel (met but did not have card)..Billy Joe Patton (deceased).

Gary Pinns..Kyle Reifers...Webb Simpson (I met, had a nice conversation, shook hands but had no card for him to sign)...David Thore..Ron Whitaker...Chad Wilfong.




Len Medeiros May 22, 2020 (Had a nice telephone conversation as he helped me setup my wantlist pages)

Pete Pianelli (played golf with!)..Kevin Martens (attended a Mets game with)..

Howard Hyman (he lived in Coney Island and we met at a Brooklyn Cyclones game - deceased 8/06)

Jim Wiehe (met at a Minor League game in Iowa)..Andy Blackwood (met at a Minor League game in Iowa)..

Bob Bard (attended a Mets game with and had lunch with many times)...Rodrick MacKinnon (met at Fort Lauderdale airport)..

Phil Chmielewski (stayed at my home visiting NY)...Anthony Arbeeny (treated me and others to lunch in NYC)..

Tim Morales (attended an Angles game with)..Chris Stufflestreet (met at a diner on LI)... Taylor Schock (had lunch with in Durham, NC)..

Robert Pigeon (met at Grand Central Station in NYC)..Bob D'Angelo (met numerous times visiting Fla)..Russell McBride (met at a Mets game)...

Pete Meyers (met at a Mets game)......Dean Rasdell (met at a KC Royals game in KC)... Mike Sepe (had lunch with and is a fellow LI resident)...

Owen Sterner (met in Atlanta at a diner--deceased)...Michael Molek (attended a LI Ducks game with)...Todd McGee (met at an IHOP in Winston-Salem, NC)..

Jeff Delo (had lunch with on LI)...Mike Flaherty...Bob Bannon (sold me a new Altima)...Dan Angland...Bob Reed....Dave Hornish...

Ron Hoehne (met at a Mets game)...Randy Wilberg (met at a Mets game)....Bee Beecrof (met at a Mets game)... Mike Mackie...

Steve Etzel (met at a Brewers game in Milwaukee)...Ray Schneider (TB) (met in Viera, Fl for a Nats-Cards ST game 3/2016)... and of course, nephew, BOB ROTH (at birth!)

 Minor or Major League Cards of:

These players are local boys who "Made the Bigs" but some never had a Major League card. I am searching for any brand, any condition card of the following: Tom Bianco (early 1970's) Milwaukee ....Gary Christenson (early 1970's) Kansas City 

Looking for the MINOR LEAGUE card of:   TIM ROTH 1994-Chillicothe (Ohio) Paints-Frontier League.   He's a personal friend, MY SON!!

THANKS to Jim Wiehe for a FRAMED card (MINT condition) of my son! I'm still looking for dups!

Thanks to SHAWN ADKINS for sending THREE Sets of the Chillicothe Paints 1994 team set!

Thanks to BOB BARD for a neat looking Chillicothe Paints license plate holder!



Please do NOT send me Mets that are not on my Want List.  

 I will accept METS (TOPPS ONLY) in ANY condition but the better condition the bigger smile on my METS face! Please do NOT send me Mets of other brands, I have plenty!!

 1962  TOPPS  Mets:


 1963  TOPPS Mets:


1964  TOPPS  Mets:


1965  TOPPS  Mets:


 1966  TOPPS  Mets:

561 (Cho Cho Coleman)

 1967 TOPPS Mets:

555 (Don Cardwell)

568 (John Sullivan)

574 (Jerry Buchek)

581 (Mets Rookies)

606 (Ron Taylor)


1968 TOPPS Mets:

177 (Mets Rookies-Ryan)


1969 TOPPS Mets:

533 (Ryan)


1970 TOPPS Mets:

712 (Ryan)


 I am NOT a dealer, just a casual collector with my son for the past 50 years. Get in touch if you want to trade. I do NOT buy cards so please don't ask! Oh yes, I prefer to trade with fellow trading club members. I like to trade within "the family".

Please don't tell me that you sent me a card worth $1.25 and want another $1.25 card in exchange. To me a card is a card unless of course it is a Topps 1952 Mantle. I trade cards, not the value of cards. It's a hobby not an investment. Thanks for understanding.

Most of my older cards to trade are NOT MINT so if you ask to trade and you expect MINT in return then hold that trade. I won't be able to return the favor. Sorry.

Email me at nohit9@verizon.net if interested in trading.

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